It’s been almost two years since 47-year-old Kathy Jones became completely paralysed, without warning. Your generous donation will help Kathy get the medical help she needs to walk again and to ensure her family are well supported on the journey.


Kathy Jones is a single mother of three girls, Shannon 15-years, Jaime 13-years and Zoe 11-years. They live together in Greensborough, Victoria, and enjoy simple family pleasures - tennis, nattering about Shannon’s first job, lively dinners, and compulsory daily cuddles. 

There’s a lot of love in their house, but two years ago the true scale of their love was tested. At the recommendation of a public health campaign, Kathy undertook a routine medical procedure, which left her paralysed and unable to move. 

“I thought I was dying, it was just slowly taking over my whole body. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t close my eyes. It affected me head to toe in two weeks,” said Kathy.

This one-in-a-million viral reaction rendered her completely unable to care for herself and her children. She was hospitalised for six months, before defiantly returning home to be with her three daughters.

Day by day, Kathy is slowly regaining mobility. She’s determined to walk again, even dance again, and is dedicating hours every week to rehabilitation exercises; but it’s now been over two years and she’s still wheelchair bound.

The emotional, psychological and financial repercussions of this tragic illness are wearing Kathy’s family down. That's why the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria is encouraging Victorians to #WalkWithKathy and show their support. Donate now to support them on their journey. 

– Shannon Jones, daughter

– Jenny Ring, family friend

“Kathy is the strongest person in the world. She’ll walk again. She’ll dance again.”

“I know mum’s got the resilience to get better. She knows she will too.”

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